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Lean-Agile Transformations are aimed at improving business results:

  • Lead / coached / trained the transformation to the Scale Agile Framework (SAFe) of a petrochemical IT Foundation Infrastructure group, resulting in 100 teams (~1000 people), in 4 countries. Business outcomes include (one year period):
    • Hard benefits delivered: 114% increase
    • Major incidents down 16%
    • Unplanned downtime down 28%
    • Productivity: 43% improvement
    • Responsiveness: 45%improvement
    • Predictability: 67% improvement
    • Resilience as working from home showed no reduction productivity
  • Lead / coached / trained the transformation implementation to scaled Scrum / Agile at GIS software vendor, resulting in 60 teams (450 people) in 8 countries (differing cultures). Business outcomes include:
    • Reduction in end-user defects by 50%.
    • Employee satisfaction at 78% in the new approach.
    • Increased throughput by 150% (average, all teams).
  • Lead / coached / trained the transformation implementation to scaled Scrum / Agile / Lean at engineering software development operation, resulting about 75 teams (550 people) in 8 countries (with similar results to above.)
  • Lead / coached / trained the application of Agile approach to non-software operations such as Marketing, Finance, Support, IT, HR, Projects, infrastructure, and Field Service organizations.
  • Assessed organization, coached Executive Management in transformation to Agile, and trained pilot teams to kick off Lean-Agile transformation in power, banking, and construction firms.
  • Reinvigorated in-place Lean-Agile practices and adopt new scaling approaches through coaching and mentoring at retail and power company.
  • Trained / coached construction company in application / adaptation of an Agile approach to construction industry practice (7 teams).
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