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Workshops differ from training in that they are aimed at a specific outcome rather than a general understanding about a subject area. Workshops are facilitated by the Transformation coach, but the main work is done by the participants in the workshop. Workshops may include training materials, but that is usually incorporated to guide you to a specific outcome.

The following list is a sample of some workshops I've run over the years. Some of these were purpose built to meet a specific organization's requirement. Some are more general and, while purpose built, can be applied to a large number of organizations. And some are based on pre-prepared workshop materials.

Generally, transformations require the development of some subject specific workshops to meet organizational needs.

Note: A number of the workshops are designed to teach specific behaviors in a psychologically safe environment. The idea is that you can test out specific ideas in a small group before going out and using them in a wider context.


Value Stream Mapping Leadership; General 2) 1 day onsite; 2 day remote Determine value stream, identify improvements and establish baseline metrics. Note: Value Stream Mapping is a tool that can be applied to all levels of an organization. Yes
Servant Leader Behaviors Leadership 1 hour onsite; 2 hours remote Allow leaders develop and understanding of these behaviors to experiment with their use in a psychologically safe environment.
Outcomes over Outputs Product Management; Product Owners; General 1 hour onsite; 2 hours remote Help Product Managers and Product Owners understand how to get to business outcomes instead of just working on the next output.
Stakeholder Management Product Management; Product Owners 1 hour onsite; 2 hours remote Improve customer and other stakeholder engagement by establishing a stakeholder management plan.
Eliminating Organization Impediments Leadership 1 hour onsite; 2 hours remote Establish a more transparent organizational impediment removal process with visibility and metrics to drive improvement.
Introduction to SenseMaking Leadership 2 hours onsite; 4 hours remote Introduction to SenseMaking to help you measure and develop a plan to improve your organizational culture.
Improved Decision Making through Systems Awareness (Cynefin) Leadership; General 4 hours onsite; 8 hours remote Using the Cynefin framework to understand what kind of decision-making process you should have based on the situation you are observing.
Understanding Portfolio Bets Product Management; Product Owners 1 hour onsite; 2 hours remote Establishing innovation through a portfolio of bets.

“SAFe?” “Yes” means that there is a certified SAFe version of this course that can be given.
“General” means that while subject is of specific interest to some groups, they subject is often useful for many.
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