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No matter what your current level of understanding of Lean-Agile (beginning to expert), I offer training (with or without certification) in Lean-Agile subjects. Training is aimed at establishing the basic knowledge you need to have in a particular subject area. In addition, successful training results in benefits for:

  • Individuals: Training result in changes in behavior of the people attending. This means they will be more effective in the new Lean-Agile environment.
  • Organizations: A consistent set of training across the enterprise can help establish standards of terminology and understanding which aids in the transformation of an organization.

The training can be provided on-site or, as is more common today, remotely using virtual on-line tools (e.g. video conferencing such as Zoom or Teams) and online content tools (e.g. Mural and Kahoot.) In either case the training is engaging and interactive.

The following list shows some of the traditional training organizations would leverage as part of a transformation to Lean-Agile. In addition, I have standard and custom subject-specific workshops.


LevelCourseLogisticsLearning OutcomesSAFe?1)
Business Executive Overview 1/2 day onsite; 1 day remote Introduce leadership to the structure, roles, thinking, and practices that define a successful Lean-Agile transformation. Yes
Business Leadership 2 day onsite; 4 day remote Helps leadership to understand how they can lead an organization through a Lean-Agile transformation. Yes
Business Lean Portfolio Management 2 day onsite; 4 day remote Helps an organization improve portfolio decisions and execution using Lean-Agile thinking. Yes
Train 2) Train Kick-off 2 day onsite; 4 day remote Helps Teams understand how to operate effectively in a multi-team environment. Yes
Train Release Train Engineer3) 3 day onsite; 5 day remote Helps RTE's understand how to build a high performing and effective Train. Yes
Train Product Manager 2 day onsite; 4 day remote Helps Product Managers (or aspiring Product Owner) become successful at managing and prioritizing work by improving how they collaborate with Customers, other Product Owners, and other stakeholders. Yes
Train Architect 2 day onsite; 4 day remote Helps Architects understand how to align architecture with the flow of business value, collaborate, and drive continuous delivery. Yes
Team Team Kick-off 2 day onsite; 4 day remote Establishes a Team so they can operate effectively in a Lean-Agile way whether they want to use Scrum, Kanban, or some combination of approaches. Yes
Team Product Owner 2 day onsite; 4 day remote Helps a Product Owner become successful at managing and prioritizing the work of a Team by collaborating with the Customers and other stakeholders. Yes
Team Scrum Master 2 day onsite; 4 day remote Helps a Scrum Master become successful at developing a high-performing Team. Yes

“SAFe?” “Yes” means that there is a certified SAFe version of this course that can be given.
“Train” is common (SAFe) language for a setup where a Team of Teams work together to deliver value.
“Release Train Engineer (RTE)” is common (SAFe) name for the role of “chief Scrum Master” on a Train.
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