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“Hans is one of the most experienced and polished transformation coaches I have had the blessing of working with. His focus is on the true principles of running an effective, lean, customer driven IT organization, not just the stuff you read in the Scrum Guide. His empathetic and experienced aura has been vital to our work with senior executive leadership, many of whom often refer back to lessons he taught them along our transformation journey.

On the human side, Hans is an amazing individual who has blessed me with great mentoring and the occasional moment of radical candor. :) I feel blessed to have worked alongside him and I hope to stay close, as I know I will continue to need his mentoring as time goes on.

– Jeff Rosenbaugh, IT Transformation Manager @ ExxonMobil

With his understanding of all aspects of businesses Hans Samios, leads enterprises through their transformation to Business Agility by coaching, training, and mentoring all levels of the organization.

From the simple realization that all work delivered from a business is the result of people and teams of people, Hans focuses on helping these people become more effective by understanding both themselves, how they work with others, and how they work together to develop solutions for their customers. This thinking results in pragmatic approaches to improve an organization’s ability to produce results in a rapidly changing environment.

The process begins by understanding what people think about their current situation, what their business issues are. We then jointly develop a shared understanding of what success looks like, and then develop a plan on how you would get there.

Hans Samios has been a General Manager (Hong Kong and China), and a Vice President (Product Planning, Product Development, and Product Marketing) which has led to a deep organizational understanding, especially at executive levels.

In 2007 took on the role of “Agile Transformation Lead” to apply this understanding to the then relatively new field of Agile, taking an organization of 550 people (75 teams located in 12 countries) through an Agile Transformation so they could improve their business outcomes. The results speak for themselves: increased visibility and predictability of development to improve decision making, reduction in end-user defects by 50%, employee satisfaction at 78% in the new approach, and increased throughput by 150%.

Hans’ approach has been successfully applied internationally, in the Americas (USA, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina), Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, and Hungary), and Asia (Japan, Korea, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand).

Hans is a gifted speaker, coach, trainer, and facilitator. While Hans has a deep understanding of Lean-Agile values, principles, and practices, he keeps an open mind. New ideas and approaches are constantly being developed to address the issues faced by businesses. Hans works to understand these approaches, and then works with people to develop pragmatic solutions that can be applied to their situation.

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