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Why Do I Care About Transformation Coaching Experience?

What does it mean to you to have an expereince transformation coach? How does the experience effect my approach? Here are a number of reasons experience is important:

  • Adaptable to your context: I know there is not a one size fits all approach and that to be successful we need to adapt approaches to your context and budget. Further I know that your organization can only absorb so much change at a time, and so our approach needs to be adapted so that you get the most out of your efforts.
  • Predictable outcomes: I know that there a lots of alternative approaches we could take, but I have seen enough to understand the pros and cons of many approaches, and that there are patterns that work over and over again. There are predictable outcomes as a result which we can apply to your context.
  • There is a better way to work: I know, because I have experienced it, that there is a better way of of creating value. Transformation allows you to set things up so that work has meaning resulting in increased engagement across the whole organization.
  • Address every level of an organization: I know that change is going to happen at all levels of an organization from the Board, to the C-level, to Management and to the people delivering value. This means I need to adjust my approach, my language, based on a firm understanding of what is important to that particular person.
  • Transfer my knowledge to you: I know that organizational transformation is not something you do to people; it’s something the organization and its people have to want to do to themselves. I therefore approach everything from the perspective of helping people understand the “why” of what we are doing so the organization can develop the skills necessary for themselves. To work myself out of your organization, a goal we can both agree on, I understand that I need to transfer my experience is to you.
  • I’ve already learned the hard lessons: Make no mistake (pun intended) I don't like to make mistakes. However the bottom line is that I have made many mistakes as I've worked on Lean-Agile transformations. The good news is that you don't have to make those same mistakes; you can leverage my learning.
  • Adaptable in approach: I know that, at an individual level, there are different ways we can work with you. Sometimes you want an advisor (“give me an answer”), sometimes a coach (“me help think through an issue”), sometimes a trainer or teacher (“here are standard materials”). Experience means that I adapt to your situation.
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