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Focussed Agile is an experienced transformation, coaching, and training consultancy aimed at working with clients to improve business outcomes. Since 2007 I have been successfully applying the tools of Agile, Lean, Systems Thinking, and Leadership and Organizational Development to improve business outcomes.

Organizational change is hard. Making change stick is even harder. There is no one single approach that can be applied in all situations. Your organization, your purpose, your people creates an environment that is different to other organizations. My job is to guide you through your transformation, to help you deploy changes, to help you validate your results, and help you determine next steps. I am not successful until you have seen the business results you were looking for and can drive improvements yourself.

As a Founding Member of FiveWhyz, a coaching collaborative, I can bring in a team are industry recognized experts with a diverse set of experiences necessary to guide leaders and organizations to improve their workplace practices, processes, and products.

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