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Sometimes you have an issue that you'd just like to get a second opinion on. Or perhaps you'd like to brainstorm some ideas you have had. Or perhaps you feel that something in your current implementation is not 100% as it should be. You have read blogs, asked questions at community sites, but these are unable to really work within the context of your situation.

Irrespective, you are not necessarily interested the cost (or inconvenience) of a full set of training or an on-site coaching engagement. What you really would rather do is just get on a conference call and discuss the issue with an experienced coach. You don't mind paying for the experience, but don't expect to pay thousands of dollars.

If this is what you are interested in, contact me about a "virtual coaching" session (see Contact). Pricing is $175 / hour, or we can set up a package of hours it that makes sense for you.