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 +====== Coaching Philosophy ======
 +Every engagement is different. Your goals are different,​ your culture is different, your work is different and the way you want to roll out a transformational change will be different. My coaching approach:
 +  * Knows your situation is unique. Your transformation is not about force fitting a preconceived Agile approach. All the Agile toolbox, be it Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban, SAFe, Crystal or whatever, needs to be considered and applied to your situation. This is about a pragmatic approach to improving your business effectiveness,​ not about applying an Agile religion.
 +  * Is aimed at all facets of your organization,​ not just process / practices. In order to truly transform your organization,​ we need to work with your people, both in terms of their capabilities and their attitudes, your organizational structure and your tooling.
 +  * Assumes that not everything will go smoothly. Conflict is a natural part of the process of change. It is also the mark of real change going through. Some of this can be anticipated;​ some cannot. In both cases you need someone who has been there, seen it, perhaps not your particular case, but someone who has experience successfully working through issues.
 +  * Is focused on ensuring you become independent of me, the Agile Coach. You don't want to have me on the books for ever and ever. Part of my job is to ensure that you get the knowledge to be able to continuously improve your agile implementation and ensure there is no regression while still providing ad-hoc support for special situations, if required.