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 +====== Coaching Engagements ======
 +While every engagement is different, there are a couple of coaching approaches that can be regarded as "​typical"​. Some specific approaches are:
 +  * Agile Transformation Startup: Working with Executives, Managers, Teams and Customers, this coaching is aimed at establishing Agile values and principles which are then worked into specific practices for a specified set of organizations or projects. After the initial intensive coaching period I step back to become an ad-hoc consultant to address specific issues as an outside expert or to help bring the new skills to the wider organization. The aim is to set things up for your long term success.
 +  * Agile Organization Retrospective:​ If you already have an Agile implementation in place, you will see parts of your organization (be that at the team, product, project, management, or wider organizational level) that don't seem to working as well as they should. Through a process of observation and focussed activities I will provide you with specific ideas and recommendations on things to help improve the situation.
 +  * Agile Quick-start:​ Sometimes you want to try some of the Agile ideas, perhaps as part of the Transformation Startup or perhaps just as a pilot to determine the effect the Agile approach will have on your organization. The Quick-start trains and supports a couple of teams in the basic philosophy of agile and core practices. The result of this coaching is that the team immediately works using the new approach.
 +  * Agile Readiness Evaluation: In many cases you know what you want to do and so simply want to get started with the transformation. Others would like to take a more measured approach with some level of analysis to determine where the issues might be in your organization before you get started. The readiness evaluation seeks to identify potential impediments to smooth Agile adoption by looking at your people, your processes and the technologies you use. This evaluation is done through direct interviews with both executive, management, and lead personnel as well as surveys and other tools and results in a focussed report of current status and impediments.