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You Can't Spell!

If you are from the US, you might feel that the spelling I am using for this business is wrong. Shouldn't it be "focused" rather than "focussed"?

Here's the story. When I was trying to figure out the name of my new business, I naturally went to that arbiter of all knowledge, Google, and started to key in names I thought of to see if I could find something that I liked and that had not been taken. You pretty quickly figure out when you do this that all the names that start with "Agile" have been taken or are for sale at prices that just don't make sense so I started going the other way around using words that I liked with a ending of "Agile".

One of the ones I keyed in was "Focussed." To me, this is the way it is spelled. You see, I am originally Australian (now US citizenship) and if I look at "focused" I read "foc" and "used" rather than "focussed". Now at the time I was not aware I could be making a mistake as, when I keyed the words into Google it did not come back with a correction - "Showing results for 'focused'" - but just happily did the search. It was only after I registered the domain and started the processing on the LLC that I found out that this might be a problem - too late now. 

So its "Focussed Agile". Hopefully the name gets the message across - a focussed approach to Agile aimed at improving your outcomes. Interestingly its not just Google that is blind to either spelling. Every spell checker I use also allows the "focussed" spelling.