Are you having problems forecasting your software / IT projects? Are you suffering from decreased quality in your deliverables to your customers? Are your customers delighted with what you've supplied, or just relieved that the project is over and they have got some (but not all) of what they wanted? Do you feel like you are able to produce less and less real business value? Are you and your people becoming demoralized as a result of all these pressures? As you introduce more process aimed at increasing efficiency does it seem to make the problem worse?

Are you looking for a change that will allow you to become more effective?

Believe me when I say "I've been there." We had these problems in a development shop with over 500 technical personal operating in 12 countries. We found that an "Agile", "Scrum", "Lean", "Kanban", and "SAFe" approach allowed us to become a lot more effective.

Projects involving software are hard. Organizational change is not easy. My job is to help you through the transformation, to help you both in terms of learning and understanding, to work with you and your team on the changes you would like to make based on your business needs, to help you get started if you need it, to help you verify results, and to set things up so you are self-sufficient and can take on further improvements yourself.

You owe it to yourself to work with someone who has been there. When you are ready to start, get in touch (see Contact). I am looking forward to working with you.​

Make the theory practical.

Focus on continuous improvement.

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